Water Analyses

Operate steam or heating systems with maximum safety and efficiency by ensuring adequate protection against corrosion and scaling.


What do we offer?

Those who want to operate a steam or heating system with maximum safety and efficiency must ensure that water chemistry is optimized to the greatest extent possible.

We recommend internal water analysis 1-2 times per week to control pH, conductivity, hardness, and the content of active ingredients in boiler water chemicals.

It is often convenient for the operating personnel to perform the relevant analyses because they have close contact with the boiler system and can make necessary adjustments as needed.

In addition, one of our chemical engineers can take samples and analyze them in the laboratory. This way, we can uncover the entire water chemistry of the plant and provide an assessment of the plant's condition, such as corrosion issues, leaks, whether the purification stages are working, if the deaerator in the feedwater tank is functioning, chemical consumption, etc.

The analyses we perform in the laboratory have lower detection limits and are highly accurate. In addition to pH, conductivity, hardness, DEHA, and phosphate, the most common parameters we analyze for are iron, silica, copper, and organic matter. If there are suspected issues in the system, we also analyze for other substances such as aluminum, surfactants, ammonium, chloride, turbidity, and more.

Sending samples by mail is also an option.

Service Agreements

The most common service agreement we offer to our customers includes on-site visits, review of the boiler room logbook, and sampling of water for analysis in our laboratory. Additionally, we often receive water samples from customers who want a condition report on their system. A comprehensive condition report outlining any deviations and recommended actions is always provided after the visit or receipt of samples.

We perform the analyses at our laboratory in Oslo.

Our employees have extensive experience in inspecting boilers and associated equipment, conducting analytical measurements during the commissioning of new systems, as well as during routine checks of each company's water treatment.

Satisfied Customers

Among our satisfied customers, Arcon Industrial Water Treatment has evolved to become one of the foremost suppliers in Norway within water treatment for steam, heating, and cooling systems.

Industrial water treatment for steam, heating, and cooling systems.


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